Animation & Design

Animated Introductions

Our animation team will scope your introductions to work with your course content for easy to follow introductions

Frame Your Learning Visually

Prepare your students for each unit or module with Animated Introductions. These brief introductory animations help to outline course or lesson outcomes before your students commence.

Animated Explainers

Moving imagery helps with memory retention. Animated explainers are cheaper and easier to produce than video introductions for great effect.

Summarising Complex Processes

Our animated explainers help to outline concepts your students will need to grasp as they progress through their learning. Examples may include a government regulatory act or industry body outline. By presenting in a stylish, succinct visual method learning retention is maximised.

Graphic Design Service

Our graphic design specialists can produce content across your resources and for your general business and marketing needs.

Custom Graphics

Dativity can help design your e-learning graphics, corporate imagery, logos, learning resources templates, covers and stationery.

Some LMS Platforms We Work With

We work with 12 LMS platforms across VET, Tertiary, K-12 and Corporate.
Moodle LMS
aXcelerate LMS
Cloud Assess LMS