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Dativity keeps your content current, whether it’s thousands of blog posts a year, a few posts a month or new learning material to keep your clients and students up to date and informed. Your work is allocated to the best fit team members for your product and industry speciality to provide current and relevant content. 

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Blog Posts

Blogs and articles are essential marketing tools that help you attract new customers, engage with your existing audience, and retain them. The best length for a blog post will vary depending on a number of factors, including your niche, your audience, and the purpose of the post. 

That said, there are a few general guidelines we follow to help us determine the best length for your blog posts. The shorter the better. In general, shorter blog posts are better than longer ones. Why? Because people are more likely to read and share shorter posts. 

If you can say what you need to say in 500 words or less, do it.  Ideally we aim for under 1000 words as a maximum.

Social Media Content

What is the best length for social posts? There is no definitive answer to this question, as the best number of words in social media posts will vary depending on the platform, the audience, and the purpose of the post. 

However, as a general rule, shorter posts are more likely to be read and engaged with than longer posts, so it is generally advisable to keep social media posts as concise as possible.

We aim for between 50-200 words as a general rule of thumb.

Learning Content

Do you need accredited or custom learning material for your E-Learning courses? 

Our instructional design team will produce hogh quality accredited or non-accredited base material fast!

Our learning materials include Full Learner Guides, Gap Fill content for upgraded units, knowledge evidence and sample policies and procedures.

How long is learning material? Well it depends but as a guide, learner guides are typically from 5000 to 12000 words depending on the level of complexity.

Product & Service Updates

A product or service update should contain information about the changes made to the product or service, as well as any new features or benefits that are being offered.

The best structure of a product or service update is to first list the changes that have been made, followed by a brief description of each change.

Often a bullet point structure works best to illustrate things quickly.  Updates that are too wordy tend to get missed.

A typical update is between  100-300 words per item in the update.

Website Content

Our Website content service requires a detailed brief from you.  We’ll include your chosen keywords or phrases throughout your website copy to improve the chances of ranking on search engines. Let our writers know about priority pages in your brief and they’ll support your interlinking strategy too.

Our writers research your topics and audience and provide sources for any facts and figures they use. You can even include your own data and research in the brief for our writers to include.

There’s no typical number of words per page however the rules of blog posts apply in terms of keeping the content short and concise.


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Some LMS Platforms We Work With

We work with 12 LMS platforms across VET, Tertiary, K-12 and Corporate.