Managing Your Projects

A Staged Approach

Data out is only as good as data in so we like to take a little time to fully scope your work. For bespoke projects we follow these guidelines to ensure we achieve the outcomes you require with the least amount of your time. 

We’ll discuss your business needs, timeframes, budget and expectations for your project and how it fits with your overall needs for the future.

We’ll provide a scoping outline to ensure all options for the project are clear. We may request samples of previous work and provide examples of style and applications to be used in your project.

Your proposal will include details of work to be performed, suggested timeframes and costs including your deposit and any progress and completion payments (for larger projects).  Once agreed, your signed proposal will be provided with a copy of our Llicence Agreement to commence your work.   

Prior to completing all work on your project we will provide a draft for you to revise so we can ensure the project delivery meets your scope and design needs. On sign off of your draft we will complete work on the project.  If significant changes are needed we may re-scope and propose new timeframes/costs as required.

We’ll provide a production copy of your completed work for your final review.  Typically one or two revisions are permitted prior to delivery and final payment. 

We’ll make final tweaks and deliver your project as per the terms of our scoping document and proposal.

Some LMS Platforms We Work With

We work with 12 LMS platforms across VET, Tertiary, K-12 and Corporate.
Moodle LMS
aXcelerate LMS
Cloud Assess LMS