Virtual Reality

Dativity 3DSim For LMS

Our Virtual Reality 3D Concept tool allows you to mimic VR technology without the need for headsets. This technology can be embedded in leading LMS platforms using Dativity3DSim technology.

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Inside Your LMS

Reduce on-site learning costs, add hazards, observable items and other customised items as needed to cover all learning objectives virtually.

Demonstration Instructions: Click on the image show, then use your mouse to look around and the W,A,S,D keys to move within the envioronment.

How We Build Your 3DSim Projects

Step 1: Outcomes & Budget Review

We review the compliance requirements to assess what outcomes must be achieved from the learning activity, as well as your budget to determine the level of interactivity that can be included.

Step 2: E-Learning Assessment

We'll assess if the outcomes can be managed from 1 simulated scene or if multiple are needed.

Step 3: Environment Needs Review

We'll finalise the environments needed and all the assets such as equipment and audio required within the environment to achieve the outcomes.

Step 4: Proposal, And Pricing

We'll send a detailed proposal with environment, activity and pricing details for your review.

Step 5: View Demonstration

On acceptance to proceed we'll build a basic environment for your approval before completing the project.

Step 6: Delivery & Implementation

We'll complete the project and provide assistance for implementation into your preferred LMS.

Fully Interactive VR Environments

For high risk, highly skilled activities our fully interactive environment sprovide students with the actual tools to perform tasks in the VR world.

Hands On Experience In The VR World

Adding an extra level of interactivity, Dativity Interactive VR includes options to use equipment or other tools and create outcomes within the VR environment, whilst assisting students in making decisions in a no-rick environment. This level of reality may help to reduce and re-enforce actual hands on training and provides an excellent tool for trainers to observe skills.

Equipment Options

Dativity offers two options for Virtual Reality equipment including fully hosted Metaverse VR using Oculus Quest2 equipment or stand alone options with pre-loaded VR scenarios. Choosing a VR solution takes into account your budget, connectivity needs and sharing options.

Some LMS Platforms We Work With

We work with 12 LMS platforms across VET, Tertiary, K-12 and Corporate.